Bid Advisory

We provide bidding advisory services across all sectors. We can perform financial evaluation of projects, taking into account all quantitative factors in the concession agreement and can generate financial models which can manage hundreds of parameters. In conjunction with our quantitative skills, our analytical capabilities enable us to deliver an optimum bidding strategy. We also support our clients with technical evaluation and risk analysis of concession agreements.

IAPL, through its bid advisory service helps corporates to take an investment decision involving commitment of capital in an informed and holistic manner. The investment decisions at the time of bidding for PPP projects are influenced by a number of factors including the external ones. Our bid advisory team systematically studies macro & micro economic factors that influence the project, incorporate the same to validate revenue projections; study legal risk, counter party risk; develop financial model, factor in cost of capital, and incorporate influence of the capital market behavior too. Our Financial models support the enterprise to carry out scenario analysis with ease, provide for optimization of the capital structure; to come up with an optimal decision. IAPL’s bidding strategy framework considers competitive environment in general and bid specific parameters, in particular.