Government Advisory

IAPL is recognized as PPP Experts and Financial Experts. We provide advisory services for project structuring and technical evaluation of infrastructure projects that are based on the PPP model.

Transaction Advisory

IAPL assists Government and Statutory authorities in their endeavour to create infrastructure projects. Government has well recognised the participation of private sector in developing infrastructure projects. The stated policy of participation by private sector is significantly different from traditional thoughts of development of infrastructure by government and available to users free of charge. With this change in approach, it is important for government to seek professional help to ensure the strategic level allocation of risks of the project to the party which is in the best position to handle, create a transparent frame work of awarding the project to ensure fairness to the bid participants, create a legal framework for enforceability of the contractual obligation, economic viability of the project to all stakeholders and most important is bankability of the project to ensure financing for the project. IAPL provides holistic offerings to Government and Statutory Authorities to evaluate their strategic objectives, convert into workable projects, carry out studies, create risk sharing framework, develop legal framework, bid out in compliance with procurement policy of the government.

Bid Process Management

Infrastructure project bidding process is far more complex than traditional government projects. Infrastructure projects have much wider scope like designing, financing, post project services in line with service level agreement. This complexity requires designing a bidding framework in wider context and need of professional expertise is a well recognised fact. IAPL provides Bid Process Management expertise to government, encompassing drafting and floating of documents comprising RFQ, RFP, Concession Agreement; maintaining, updating and disseminating information related to the project, interacting with the market, identifying potential bidders and their requirements, inviting bids for selection of project developers, managing and responding to requests for clarification followed by evaluating the bids and assisting till financial closure to ensure a successful conclusion.

Feasibility Studies

We help domestic and international government bodies to prepare detailed project reports and feasibility studies for their prospective projects. Across sectors, we provide critical feasibility studies that work as the foundation for decision makers in prioritising and structuring their projects. We have industry wide networking with legal and technical experts, survey specialists and engineers who have years of experience with construction, analysis, strategy and concept development to provide a comprehensive coverage of the technical, legal, regulatory and financial aspects of the project.